Who We Are

Paint for a Purpose was born from the vision and the desire to empower individuals and business teams to release their inner creativity by creating customized, and fun social events. It is all about the PURPOSE of helping people bond and reach their goals.

Our founder is a classically trained expert artist from Italy with over 25 years experience. She has been one of the most sought-after Art Curators and Advisors in New York City. She has experience in corporate team building events, organizing international art fairs, fundraising, etc. She decided to come to Sunny California and start her own business helping people of all ages and backgrounds in old European style social events.

People are always thrilled with the excitement of creating their own work of art! Everybody loves the feeling of personal accomplishment! Paint for a Purpose allows people to unplug from the confines of the digital world and connect with the simple joy of creating something from nothing in a positive social environment.

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How does it work?

You pick out the painting for the event and your favorite drinks and we provide the supplies and the instruction! Our instructor will guide you step-by-step and absolutely no experience is necessary!