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We organize fun and unforgettable team building experiences!

Everybody knows that it takes a team to successfully run a business! Employees as well as employers have greatly benefited from team building experiences, such as painting in a social environment. Through these kinds of team bonding experiences the company becomes more efficient and profitable! Everybody wins in a positive work environment! A more united and healthy team impacts the overall productivity of the company!

Build a painting, build a team!

Paint for a Purpose offers two different formats/packages for your Team Building Paint Class:


On of our Team Building Individual Painting's in Los Angeles, CA

Every employee creates their own unique painting on a 16×20 canvas focusing on a picture chosen.


A company using one of our corporate painting party packages in Los Angeles, CA

​Employees will divide into groups. Each group will get one large canvas that is going to be a piece of the puzzle of the big and final picture. At the end all the pieces will be connected together as the result of the team work.​

Why you should choose painting for your next team building experience:

Creativity is

Even when solving everyday problems at work, it is important for employees to feel they can be creative. They should have positive feedback and flexibility within their roles.

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Fun with

Painting provides an opportunity to have fun with colleagues while performing a creative exercise. An experienced artist will lead the group, instilling confidence in them through the creative process.

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Get to know
each other

From a management perspective, painting offers a great social, fun opportunity to get to know your colleagues / employees better, as their personalities and point of views tend to emerge along the way​.

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Paint For A Purpose's painting activities encourage co-workers and employees to help and assist one another throughout the whole process. Team bonding is guaranteed!

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