Due to raising concerns about COVID-19 we are now offering Online Painting Parties both through live streaming and pre-recorded sessions.


I definitely recommend it! Ylenia's paint party was amazing! I decided to host a paint party for my sister's birthday - she loves art. It was a huge hit, Ylenia was kind, friendly and funny. I even feel that my painting skills improved. Canvas + paint + brushes + wine + great host= an unforgettable night

Stefania 30 Apr 2017

Yleina, is wonderful, kind, friendly, most of all knows her stuff!!
She makes painting, enjoyable, fun, and educational, our daughter so enjoyed learning from her. Would totally recommend taking classes with her. Not only will your painting skills improve, but so will your confidence!! What's better then that!?

Chrisine 15 May 2017

Loved it! My company decided to do a team-building event with Paint For A Purpose. Although I was reluctant to participate in this activity with the people I work with, it was actually very fun. Ylenia made the experience worthwhile, it was evident that she knew what she was doing! Hopefully my company will continue to plan these fun events

Marina 22 May 2017

Ylenia is an very talented artist and an amazing kids. Both my children loved taking art lessons from her. She is so patient and kind and really helped to bring out their inner artists!! Highly recommend her!

Lisa 26 May 2017

Ylenia is truly an exceptional artist and teacher. My daughter received painting instruction from her for a year and it was a very positive experience for her. My daughter is very shy and Ylenia truly helped her shine and build up Her confidence. She displayed her artwork at school and her art teacher paid her the highest of compliments. Ylenia pays attention to the most intricate details and my daughter learned a lot from her. It has truly made her a better artist!

Manolis 26 May 2017

Ylenia is amazing! She's a phenomenal artist and dedicated teacher. She taught both of my kids and they loved her. The really looked forward to their weekly art lessons. The learned si much from her- not just about art, but about experiencing the beauty in nature around you and attention to details. She is very calm and patient. 5 stars!!

Lisa 26 May 2017

I'm not usually one for leaving reviews, but felt compelled to note that Ylenia is both an excellent artist and a patient teacher. I look forward to her class and to painting more in the future.

Jim Wilson 27 Aug 2017

Ylenia was an amazing paint night teacher! My company hired her to come into our office & teach us how to paint a "Starry night inspired NYC skyline" as a team building activity last summer. She encouraged us to get creative but still made sure all of our paintings came out great - and were worth hanging up at our desks. A year later & you still see a swarm of starry night canvases proudly hung up around our office. Would definitely recommend Ylenia's paint night classes to anyone looking for a fun night of creativity.

Nicole Rosa (Weight Watchers NYC) 16 Nov 2017

Spending the afternoon painting with the help of Ylenia was not only great fun, but made the act of painting much more accessible to a beginner. She is patient and fosters a creative atmosphere. Anyone this is interested should try it out.

Blake 11 Jan 2018

I work for a small non-profit and we are always looking for fun and innovative ways to promote and raise money for our mentoring program. Ylenia was kind enough to work with us and a local gallery to hold a paint night and it was wonderful! Not only were we able to raise money for our program, but we had a fun night with a great teacher. Thank you so much!

Brandy Litt 4 Oct 2017